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What is QBCore framework (qb-core)?

What is QBCore framework (qb-core)?

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Qbcore Framework

History of Qbcore Framework :

qb-core Qbcore, formally known as Qbus Framework was made by “KASH, s0me1, onno204” and bunch of other people orignally.

It was leaked (also sold by authors) in early 2019. People (including ex owner XDope), had bought it from original owners for around 190$ (US). Then it had started to circulate all around FiveM Community and after 1.5 year, a guy named “Kakarot” asked XDope if he was up for reselling the framework for shared profit. At that time, XDope already had his own servers so he didn’t bothered falling for that and blocked him from his Discord DMs.

So as recently as 2021, bunch of developers (Some of them very skilled.) thought of making the Qbcore/Qbus Framework public and let other people also use it as their server framework. They have been working hard on it. We cannot say they did a good job? Because the first thing they did is, change all the legacy (old) functions from original Qbus framework and started editing them such a way that they can’t be called leaked framework. But OG’s in FiveM Community still consider that as a leaked + kinda ESX copy + stealing code from other people + toxic people breaking other people’s servers who don’t know what they are doing.

Overall, Qbcore Framework is originally leaked framework which was originally called “Table Core (tb-core)” which was abandoned due to unknown reasons.

Future of qb-core Framework :

Currently, there is only one framework which is under active development. So we think Qbcore’s Future is pretty strong under good leadership. Currently the staff team is too fragile and keeps changing lot of stuff and people can’t cope up with it.

If there is a good leadership for the vision of Qbcore Framework, they will be the best frameworks on FiveM Community (Except private frameworks).

Check out or Qbcore Scripts (Link)