qb-core qb-vehicleshop with finance and stock system fivem
qb-vehicleshop v3 with Finance | qb-core
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qb-vehicleshop v3 with Finance | qb-core

Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $30.00.

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qb-vehicleshop v3 with Finance | qb-core

A very advanced and unique all-in-one dealership resource, with player operated multi-dealerships,
menu-based dealerships, financing, test-drives,, display vehicles & interaction with displays and much more!

Showcase : 

Player Operated Dealerships :

  • Add as many player-operated-dealerships around the map.
  • Set a job that operates the dealership.
  • Customize positions for reception menu, test-drive point, purchase point; this includes markers as well.

Configure individual options for financing, purchase, test-drive, swaps and so on for each
dealerships – maybe u want to allow financing in one and disallow in another?

Display Vehicles :

  • Set a category for each display spot or allow all categories which are pre-defined for the selected
  • All display vehicles are synced between all players, this means the pricing, percentages, models
  • Customize the draw-text and its content on the display vehicles as you wish,
  • Configure whether only employees or everyone should be able to test-drive and/or swap-replace
    display vehicles.
  • Only employees of said dealership can adjust commission/down payments, although there are
    pre-defined min-max values in configuration.
  • You can buy vehicle on financing, based on pre-defined interest rate, repayments, down-payment
  • Players can manage their financing with /financing command or in the dealership’s reception
  • If a repayment is not made in time, player will be warned with configurable time and if still not
    paid, then vehicle will be repossessed by the resource (deleted from player_vehicles).
    Society & Accounts:
  • You can add job that operates for each dealership.
  • Enable/disable whether vehicle price, commission and/or down payment should go into the
    dealership’s account.
  • Configurable blip & marker settings for each shop.
  • You can customize stuff as sell, display and purchase point for each menu based dealerships.

Other Features:

  • Stock system, set a desired stock count for each vehicle. Stock count for each vehicle
    increases/decreases, based on purchase/sell/repossession actions in-game.
  • The resource is fully unlocked and not obfuscated
  • Support:
    – All support, issues and/or bugs is done through a dev-ticket on my Official Discord. (make sure to
    have your order# ready)
    – We do not offer support for custom changes.
    – If necessary we can help with installation but it’s pretty straightforward, just read the README.