QBCore Framework V1
QBCore Framework V1
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QBCore Framework V1


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QBCore Framework V1 with CUSTOM Scripts! | qb-core full server

We want to offer you a full qb-core based framework with a lot of customized scripts! A fully custom build qb-core server / A fully ready made qb-core server.

Features : 

  • PDM V3 with MLO (Player owned dealership)
  • Custom CSS Edited qb-menu
  • Full Casino ( Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Poker, Lucky Wheel v2)
  • K9 unit with Player Search and vehicle search.
  • Dispatch and alerts installed for all robberies
  • qb-cokejob with animation
  • qb-bobcathest
  • Cat Cafe added with custom food props and more! ( Need GABZ MLO to use this! https://fivem.gabzv.com/package/4724734 ) [Y]
  • Hen House Job with food props and more!
  • Full McDonalds Job with MLO (Nopixel)
  • Prospecting for finding illegal items on islands
  • Fully Custom bank with Debit cards, Saving account, Crypto and much more!
  • Custom qb-multicharacter screen
  • Custom Chat Theme
  • Multiple Jobs (Fishing, Cleaner, Farming and Cargo job) [This jobs can be done by anyone, i.e. no /setjob needed]
  • Custom HUD with lot of customizations and modifiable locations
  • Full Drugs System [ Coke, Meth, Crack, Heroin, Mushrooms, Peyote, Drug Selling System included! ]
  • Full Hunting system with hunting license [ Different Skin Levels for animals and unique animals ]
  • New Sheriff Station for Police with MLO [https://i.imgur.com/vdcxMpH.png]
  • Advanced Bank Robberies (Flecca Bank, Pacific Bank, Paleto Banks with lazers and preparations)