qb-mechanicjob with Items as Upgrades
qb-mechanicjob with Items as Upgrades
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qb-mechanicjob with Items as Upgrades


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qb-mechanicjob with Items as Upgrades

Hi there! This is my QBCore Mechanic Script that was intended for my RP server but its here for everyone!

I built this to be as plug and play as possible, it doesn’t require any extra scripts, BUT it was built in the latest qb-core versions.

All menus use the built-in qb-menu and are dynamic, if the chosen cosmetic option isn’t available for your vehicle it will either hide the menu option or not show a menu (so its not showing blank menus). This includes the different options between bikes and cars.

Showcase : 

Features : 

  • Works as a replacement for qb-mechanicjob or along side it
  • Works as a replacement for qb-customs or along side it
  • Comes with NOS systems and effects that work with or without SQL integration
  • Supports all newest DLC Wheel Rims
  • Police quick repair stations – Benches added to MRPD and pillbox garages
  • Includes a guide to help setup and explain all the features
  • Toolbox – The main big one, it allows removal of performance items from vehicles, and lets you see what cosmetics are possible.
  • Support for the qb-mechanicjob extra repair items, Radiator, Brakes, Fuel Tank
  • Mechanic Tools – These are used for repairs, default locked to mechanic job and item requirements can be toggled off.
  • Duct Tape – Highly customisable item to be used instead of repair kits

Performance Items:

  • Engine options – ALL Engine levels for each GTA engine upgrade as items
  • Suspension options – ALL suspension options as items
  • Racing Brakes – All Brake Levels available as items
  • Racing Transmission – All Transmission levels as items
  • Vehicle Armor – Armor is linked to an item
  • Turbo – Install turbo as it’s own item
  • NOS – Installable outside the vehicle, requires turbo to be installed. Adds NOS Purge too!

Cosmetics items:

  • Bumpers – Grille, Front Bumper and Back Bumper options
  • Exhaust – All Exhaust options
  • Headlights – Adds Xenon Lights to your vehicles
  • Underglow Controls – Underglow lights fine tuning, Xenon + Underglow Color controls
  • Hood – All Hood Options
  • Horn – All Horn Options
  • Livery – All Livery Options
  • Plates – Custom Plates, Vanity Plates and Plate holder options
  • Rims – All wheel rim options, organised alphabetical for each wheel variation.
  • Drift Smoke Tires – Add’s tire smoke to wheels
  • Roof – All Roof Options
  • Seats – All interior Seating options
  • Skirts – Skirt and fender options
  • Spoilers – All Spoiler options
  • Window Tint Supplies – Add window tint to any that support it
  • Repray – Advanced respray, controls over Primary, Secondary, Pearlescent and Wheel Colours
  • “Internals” – All the internal options I couldn’t really add to their own items
  • “Externals” –  All the external options I couldn’t really add to their own items
  • /togglesound on/off – If you have upgraded engines this, when enabled will change the sound of your vehicle for you and others around you.
  • /checkmods – For anyone to use it pulls up the available cosmetics list for anyone to view
  • /flipvehicle – Does what it says on the can, a simple flip command
  • /seat -1-10 – This moves the player to the designated seat if its empty/available, this can’t be used while travelling at high speeds.
  • /checkdamage – For a quick way for non mechanics to check damage to their vehicles (added because of the added repairable parts)
  • /door – Opened selected door
  • /trunk – Opens nearby trunk

Dependancies :

  • qb-menu – For the menus
  • qb-input – For RGB Neon and Xenon selection
  • qb-target – For accessing stores, crafting and sending payments
  • qb-inventory OR ox_inventory
  • Brain cells to follow installation guide

What you do with these items is up to you and your server! They can be obtainable by crafting, only available for mechanics, or purchasable from shops. It’s for you to decide.