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How to find qb-core developer?

To find a experienced developer is very hard in FiveM Community. FiveM Community is filled with bunch of scammers who try to scam you by selling scripts which don’t work. Here at XD Development Store, we provide developers who help you with anything you want in your server. We provide custom script making, custom vehicle […]

What is QBCore framework (qb-core)?

What is QBCore framework (qb-core)? History of Qbcore Framework : qb-core Qbcore, formally known as Qbus Framework was made by “KASH, s0me1, onno204” and bunch of other people orignally. It was leaked (also sold by authors) in early 2019. People (including ex owner XDope), had bought it from original owners for around 190$ (US). Then […]

Qb-doorlock but easy to add New Doors!

How to add new doors? Download the edited doorlock script from Here Make sure you get the hash of the door using your×680-1.png menu or using Devtools Make sure you don’t add any quotes ” or ‘ while adding the hash. Follow the below example Example: Also make sure you add the correct coordinates […]